Serving quality rich and innovative Petroleum Testing Instruments, Thermal Energy Analyzer Detector, Gas Chromatograph and a lot more....

Labchrom Scientific LLP is one of the reputed companies of the market that is eminently engaged in serving Petroleum Testing Instruments, Oil Testing Instruments, COD Auto Monitoring System, Thermal Energy Analyzer Detector, etc. Customers have given us the title of one of the most commendable wholesalers and distributors of the nation because they know that doing business with us will never lead them towards facing any kind of disappointment. We treat every customer of our company equally, and execute the business deals in an ethical manner. We are continuously working with such determination to prosper in the markets, that we have leapfrogged every other company with which we compete.

  • Biostep GmbH, Germany
  • GOTECH Testing Machines, Inc., Taiwan
  • Unchanined Lab., USA
  • Kruss Optronic GmbH, Germany
  • JC Scientific, Hong Kong
  • Polymer Char, Spain
  • ECOM, Czech Republic
  • Thermo Scientific, USA / Germany
  • LCTech GmbH, Germany
  • TRL Instruments, Turkey
  • Jinan Winner, China
  • Astori, Italy
  • AMS Alliance, France
  • M/s. ProUmid GmbH & Co., KG
  • Lambda Scientific Pty. Ltd., Australia
  • Aurora Instruments Ltd., Canada
  • M/s. HTA, Italy
  • Ellutia, UK
  • CDS Analytical, USA
  • Sinterface Technologies, Germany
  • M/s. Labtron Equipment Ltd., UK
  • MembraPure, Germany

Vendor Base

Being a company that trades its products, we make sure that the source from which we procure is the best in this industry. Our vendors are masters of this domain. They ace at each work they do. Making strong relationships with such commendable companies has only made us succeed even more in this industry. We highly accredit the success of our company to the vendors from whom we procure goods. These business entities work hard and with utmost sincerity, to strengthen us with their range of products. Product they deliver to our doorsteps is perfect in every aspect which in turn we are proud to deliver to our end customers. Some of the companies we represent are:-

Reasons to Choose Us

We being a company that commenced operating half a decade ago, are working hard to attain the foremost position of this industry. We maintain attributes that greatly help us become the foremost priority of business dealing in the eyes of customers. Once our customer comes to do business with us, we ensure to make them feel glad that they prioritized us over any other company. Here are some of those reasons on the basis of which we impress our clients and further make good relations with them:-

  • We never carry out any unfair trade practices at the times of business deal and always do our work in most ethical manner.
  • The offerings that we serve are never unfairly priced, because we know that factor of price is highly important in order to win the heart of customers.
  • Every product we serve is stringently checked prior to dispatch and we ensure no fault occurs at the time of its functioning.
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